3D Models, virtual tours and street view

Experience the future of real estate and business visualization with our cutting-edge 3D models and virtual tours. Immerse yourself in stunningly realistic environments that showcase your property or business in the best possible light. Our services also include integration with Google Street View, making it easier for potential clients to find and explore your space. Contact me today to learn more about how we can help you stand out from the crowd!

Why publish a virtual tour?

  • 62% of visitors prefer listings that feature the establishment's interior photos.
  • Listings with photos and virtual tours are 78% more likely to be viewed as genuine businesses.
  • Google Business Profiles with a virtual tour attract twice as much attention.
  • 41% of Google Maps searches result in an on site visit to the location.
  • Can be seen on any device: Computer\laptop, tablet, cellphones and even VR-headsets!

Video presentation - Learn more (Norwegian)

Tour example

Dale Of Norway factory outlet
Tour embedded to website with html code below - press play to start tour!


1 Build trust

Virtual tours and street view allows you to be transparent and show customers you don't have anything to hide. Instead of just telling them who you are, you can show them. This will help you build trust and it's a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition

2 Meet customers' need for researching

Today's consumer is research-obsessed. Preparing for something is emotionally rewarding and more importantly, it adds to the overall experience. With Google Maps Street View you can meet customers' need for research by giving them the information they would have to dig for on other sites in a more trustworthy way. Plus, it can potentially increase sales as customers are excited and prepared before stepping foot in your business.

3 Improve the connection with your customers

By allowing customers to virtually visit your store or restaurant from the comfort of their home, you show them you care for them and that you'll do everything to give them the best possible customer experience.A virtual tour lets you show the atmosphere of your restaurant or demonstrate the quality of your business, so customers can see that your business matches their exact needs.

4 Reach your target audience

Google Maps relies heavily on proximity. This means that when people in the area are searching for a place to eat and your restaurant comes up on the results page, the street view imagery of your restaurant may just be the tipping point, when they compare you to your local competitors who don't offer street view access.

5 Help customers make informed decisions

Consumers like to be prepared. So, when visiting a place for the first time, we trawl their website for information or dig through review sites to find all the information we could possibly need. With Google Maps Street View customers can get the answer to all of these and more questions in one place. By taking a virtual tour around your spaces, they can plan accordingly for the occasion and they don't have to worry about hiccups.

6 Passive marketing

User-generated content, word-of-mouth, and reviews are all examples of trustworthy and highly effective marketing. By giving customers Google Maps Street View access to your business, you can further boost these marketing "strategies" as your advocates can now show their family, friends, and followers what they're talking about.

7 A convenient and comfortable experience

According to research, the brain processes visual sixty times faster than text, and images are forty times more likely to be shared on social media. Add to that the fact that we're more likely to remember content with images and video. In other words, the Street View images will be processed faster than a description of your business and it increases the chance of people remembering your business. As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words.

Virtual tours can also be shared and viewed through link like below:

 Dale Of Norway factory outlet: Press HERE

Exterior models

Who is 3d models and virtual tours it for?

- Business owners - Get more attention and more customers

- Real estate - More attention, faster sales and higher price
- Rental - Perfect for long or short term rentals like Airbnb
- Public sector, land survey, building survey, showcase interior of schools, sports halls, libraries, etc
- Or anybody who want a 3d model of their home, land, business or buildings. 

Price list

Virtual tour
0-40 m2:     NOK 2600,-
40-80 m2:   NOK 3100,-
80-150 m2:  NOK 3500,-
150-200 m2: NOK 3800,-
Larger: please send request
Free: 2 month cloud storage for virtual tour

- Publish virtual tour to google street view: NOK 500,-
- Cloud storage per month after free period: NOK 100,-

Exterior models
Please send request

Processing time

Normally models are ready within 1 week after scanning. Allow 48hrs extra for google street view. 

Prices except vat\tax and travel expences